Jagy carrier
Jagy carrier

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges swaddling and babywearing devices in order to recognize products that encourage healthy hip development. This is especially important during the first six months of life when the hips are growing rapidly.

International hip dysplasia institute

Jagy have been deemed “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

A lot of love and experience has been invested in creating Jagy Carriers to give babies an ergonomic carrying position and to provide moms and dads with a safe, fully comfortable and adjustable baby carrier.

Jagy carriers are made in four sizes baby, midi, toddler and preschool.
The panel is adjustable in height and width so Jagy grows together with your baby.
For moms and dads, we have created a belt and shoulder strap that can be adjusted to different body types.